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If you own property in the Toronto area chances are you've either been there for a very long time and bought when the market was a bit more reasonable or you're a recent Toronto home buyer which means you've got some pretty hefty money in the bank. In either scenario one fact about the market today regarding homes within Toronto is that they are often very small but extremely expensive. This presents the same problem for both long time home owners, and for those looking to buy with in the Toronto market where space and size of the home don't really add up in comparison to cost. Luckily there is an option available to alleviate this issue of the lack of space within city homes, and the option is Modular renovation provided by the experts at Modular Home Additions.

What are Modular Additions?

Modular renovations and additions are a revolution in the home construction process. Modular additions are lower cost, faster, more convenient, and in terms of warranty is a way better option than any other traditional construction process would or could provide. But, how is all of this possible some might ask? The modular construction process happens at an offsite indoor facility, enabling the builders to work year round, protecting the materials from the weather and elements. Up to 60% of the building process is done offsite away from your home limiting the inconvenience to you and your family. Furthermore, all additions done in this manner cost up to 30% less then traditional home addition methods.
The perfect Toronto option

In Toronto home additions make sense in comparison to moving as it'll save you money in the long run while at the same time enabling you to keep a property whose value is at a premium. For example if someone were to buy a $600,000 home approximately $30,000 could be the cost of real estate fees, about $17,000 in legal fees and land transfer tax, plus about an average of $2,200 in moving expenses. The total that some people spend on the moving process alone on average comes out to being around $49,200 which through Modular Home Additions is enough for a full sized kitchen with granite counters, all appliances and all bathrooms. The reality is that if space is you're only issue with your current Toronto home moving isn't your only option.
When doing anything to your home it's important to use someone trustworthy who will give you accurate quotes, provide the best service and do a job that is of the highest quality. The people at Modular Home Additions have your back on all fronts. Modular Home Additions provide unbeatable build quality backed by a 4 year warranty, quotes with no hidden fees or unexpected expenses, and do it all so quickly that it won't inconvenience your family, plus it'll cost you less than any other option in the market.

For all home your renovation, construction, and addition needs visit the one stop shop at Modular Home Additions.
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